Christmas Pictures at Seabourne Creek Park

Sunday afternoon was absolutely beautiful! When we first got out to the park, it was so windy, I was sure we should turn around and try again another day. But once we walked into the trails and among the trees, it was calm and serene.

Family pictures can be dreadful to think about with small kids because they’re so unpredictable! Before coming on this adventure, I looked at my husband and said “Do you really want to do this?” His answer was, “Let’s go!” So off we went, he helped get the girls dressed and I grabbed a few props, a blanket, a miniature tree and a mistletoe ornament, a gift to my husband the first year we were married. I told myself not to have high expectations! I just wanted to have fun, no worrying about getting the perfect shot or forcing smiles.

We met my sister and her girlfriend at the park and they took our pictures, it was perfect having them there because they know how to make our girls laugh and smile.

The park itself is wonderful for a picnic or Sunday walk. There are several bridges, walkways, covered tables and benches to enjoy. Not to mention breathtaking. The creeks, trees and birds are truly enjoyable. We ended up having a great time and will most certainly be back there very soon.

- Amber Rosilez